The Legend – About Branded 72

Our Story

Branded ’72 was born from the legendary O’Brien’s Pit Barbecue, a Metro DC area institution spanning four decades. While our mission is the same-to provide you with the best, authentic Texas barbecue-we also put an extra emphasis on our fresh homemade salads, sides, and desserts. We hope you enjoy the tradition we carry on as well as the new improvements we’ve made. So grab a cold beer, enjoy the music and dig into some true Southern ‘cue!
Rib, Chicken & Sausage BBQ at Branded 72, real Texas BBQ

Our Meat

Our “Pit Masters” have over 90 years of combined, authentic Texas “enclosed pit” barbecuing experience! We use only hickory wood and slow smoke our meats for 16-18 hours to ensure that authentic smokey flavor. The slow smoking art of meats, poultry, and fish produces an amazing taste and tenderness, unequaled by any other cooking method. We maintain and guard the original award-winning cooking techniques–because hey, you don’t mess with perfection!

Our Small Batch Barbecue Sauces

A lot of customers say, “We came for the meat, but we came back for the sauce!” Yep, we make ’em all right here-don’t even try and steal the original 50-year-old recipe-them’s fightin’ words.

Our Sides

It is, indeed, a fact-they are all homemade, right here on the premises. No skimping on the wholesome ingredients or the portion size! Oh yeah, the desserts are Momma’s homemade specialties too! Heck, we even make our ice in house.

Our Chow Line

It’s a Texas thing. You get your quality fresh meal fast, hot and exactly the way you like it; all without having to shell out an extra 20% for the tip. Times are tough, you know!

What about the name, Branded ’72?

Good question. We wanted to tie a little history to the new place. During renovations, we discovered the original O’Brien’s Pit Barbecue menu from early ’72 that highlighted the now famous signature “Branded Beef Brisket.” Ken O’Brien, Sr. was the first to bring this exceptional Texas barbecue to the DC area when he opened the doors of O’Brien’s Pit Barbecue in 1972. And there ya have it! O’Brien’s and Branded ’72.

Keepin’ True To The ‘Cue Since ’72

Photo by Brian Lewis & the Gazette

Photo by Brian Lewis & the Gazette

Two Great ’72s


Our Original Menu from over 40 years ago